Conditions of Participation


The Conditions of Participation:

  •  The Fanny Mendelssohn Förderpreis rewards among other things :
    •  an innovative musical concept
    •  a new approach in terms of interpretation
    •  an uncommon repertoire

for the applicants’ recording project

  • The age limit is
    • 25 years for instrumentalists and chamber music ensembles
    • 29 years for vocalists
  •  The candidates have not yet released any recording under their name
  • By recommending the candidate, a renowned musician assumes to be a mentor for him/her

The musical concept can be dedicated to modern works or a repertoire that has been forgotten.

Musicians from three musical categories compete for the award:

  • Voice
  • Solo Instrument
  • Chamber Music Ensemble

Documents to be submitted:


  • Application (see below)
  • CV with Photograph
  • Audio Sample

Download Application for 2020.

Please send your documents to or
Interlink Kultur & Medien GmbH, Heilwigstraße 93, 20249 Hamburg