„In 1990 I met Prof. Kurt Masur. He told me about his plans to faithfully rebuild the house where Felix Mendelssohn had lived and died. For this, he founded an association and managed little by little to convince the authorities that this house should neither be a hotel nor a furniture store. After many efforts the association bought the house and began with its restoration – a project that harboured plenty of financial risks and not the least came with scores of constructional problems.

I was so thrilled by it that I wanted to get involved and eagerly canvassed members, raised sponsorship funds and brought international events to life. One of the happiest moments I had was when the key of the finished house was handed over to Prof. Masur.

As the foundation had created an award in the spirit of Felix Mendelssohn, granted every year to outstanding personalities as i.e. Kofi Annan, Armin Müller-Stahl or Helmut Schmidt at the Gewandhaus, the idea of also bringing his sister Fanny back to memory came up. Especially, as public recognition had been denied to her during her lifetime.

Hence, the Fanny Mendelssohn Sponsorship Award is an award to promote young artists who wish to bring their visions and innovative musical concepts to life.”