The Concept

Fanny Mendelssohn

Fanny Mendelssohn (1805 – 1847) is considered to be one of the most important musicians of her time. But her gift as a composer and pianist could only be experienced during Sunday matinees at her parents’ home, the family strictly forbidding her to make a profession of her artistic talent.

Her father Abraham wrote to her:

For him (her brother Felix) music might become a profession while for you it will always remain a mere adornment and can and shall never be the ground bass of your being and your actions.”

During the last year of her life Fanny eventually took courage and had her first works of more than 450 compositions printed.

It is in her honour that in 2017 the third Fanny Mendelssohn Sponsorship Award will be awarded. Its’ purpose is to enable young musicians to do what has been denied to Fanny – to expose their visions and musical concepts to a broad audience .

The Award:

  •  10.000 EURO in prize money for the release of the first CD of the award winner without him or her being exposed to the pressure of commercial considerations
  •  An appearance at the Gewandhaus Leipzig during the International Mendelssohn Award ceremony, a concert in Frauenkirche Dresden and a concert, which takes place at the “Festspiele Mecklenburg Vorpommern”

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The Mentors:

Internationaly renowned musicians make one recommendation for a young talent.

For interested musicians: If you wish to become a mentor and suggest a young artist for the sponsorship award, send an email to

For candidates: If you wish to participate, get the recommendation of a renowned musician who is willing to be your mentor.

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